Happy New Year! Lynne’s story and visitation with Hybrid Children

Hello from the wild world we choose to project! I wanted to check in and upload my latest Video. Thank you for all the encouragement from friends as I continue on my awakening Journey.

Last year I broke my silence barrier and uploaded not only on You Tube, but uploaded the Videos that I had done to Facebook. I choose not to set up a separate account that would give me some anonymity. My family and friends got a look behind the curtain at my life as a Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner, Studying QHHT, my experiences in Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, my Kundalini Awakening and the work I have done over the past three years with my close friends who channel.

I am amazed as the years have rolled by what my experiences have been. In fact that was a main reason for starting this blog was to document the amazing occurrences that I have been experiencing. In 2021 I was to continue and even expand this small footprint.

My friend Lynne is a friend of Hong. We have been in touch for the past couple years sharing stories. Lynne has had abilities since she was a child and received visits from family members in spirit. Lynne is a talented Medium and Channel and has experiences weekly. There is more than one person in her family that share these abilities. So Here is Lynne’s story. Enjoy!

Lynne’s Visitation with hybrid Children

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