My Dream that became a part of my reality that same day.

I work as a truck driver.On longer trips I often drive the night prior and sleep behind the store I am delivering to the next . I sleep very well and the next morning woke up remmembering this very vivid dream I just completed.


I was standing in a room with a cement floor. It seemed be the garage of the house I grew up in. There was one other “Being” with me. He was male, but he remained just a smokey outline. He seemed to be human like. It was almost like he had a cuff of long sleeve robe,or purhaps some kind of suit.

I then became aware that there was a beetle on the floor. I  was instantly felt protective of the beetle. The Being I was with indicated he wanted to get rid of the beetle.Communication was thru feelings, no words but a transfer of emotions where given.I understood he ment no harm to the Beetle .

I told the Being…”no, wait the Beetle has some information that we need”. He picked up the Beatle and rolled it on its back. I saw the black silhouette as he turned it over. First the Beetle’s legs kicked out, there where six legs,then two separate sets of wings flared out. One set for each segment of his body.The beetle seemed to be almost the size of the Being’s hand who picked it up.

There where three spherical lights on it’s underside. In sequence, the lights flashed individually from top to bottom. The lights where gold ,white, blue, I am uncertain of the sequence.

This motion of picking up the Beatle and turning it on it’s back and the lights flashing happened twice, one right after the other. The second time there was a red light.

We left the Beetle on the cement floor as the other Being and I walked into the house.I had a sense that we needed to accomplish something.

What ever we needed to do was completed .When we returned to the garage the Beetle was is was gone. It had escaped. I was happy about that. I woke up carrying that happiness.


That morning I started my day. I finished at the first store and drove to the second location

While I waited for them to unload the truck, I shared a photograph on  Facebook, of two Praying Mantis with front legs stretched out and wings flared. It looked like they where dancing.

Photo taken by Hasan Bagler

After sharing the picture  on Facebook, one of the staff from the store came out the warehouse door. I recognized her. She is  very professional keeps to herself and is easy to remember because of her pink and blue hair.

As she walked past the truck she did not look up. Her focus was on right hand ,which was outstretched with her palm facing up. She walked to the edge of the parking, knelt at the edge of the woods, and then lowered her hand to the ground gently.

As she  retraced her steps back past the truck.I asked what she had released. She said it was a Beetle! It was in the warehouse, (which has a cement floor), and the ” warehouse guys” where freaking out. They where going to kill it. She said she has always loved insects and so she had brought it outside.

I asked if she had a moment, and smiling, she said yes.I shared the picture of the Praying Mantis .

As soon as she saw the picture, her grin got bigger. She pushed her cuff up, and showed me the tattoo of a Praying Mantis on her inner left bicep. 

I told her I also shared her love for the praying mantis insects and had an encounter with one last summer. It was on the sidewalk right by the guardshack at work. I almost collided with it. She scurried into the road after our encounter, right where the trucks roll past. This was not good. It was was the biggest Praying Mantis I had ever seen, about 4 or 5 inches in length. She told me most likely it was a female because of the size.

I coached her little green body onto some paper and placed her gently at the edge of the woods. She just stood there staring at me. I remember  her right eye was more closed and I was hoping she was ok. I am glad I did not pick up on any telepathic communication! I can only guess she was not pleased with me.

The meaning was spot on. For two and a half years I have been working with my friend Hong who channels. We had just finished a session and where chatting about the events. I brought up the dream sequence.I asked her what she thought.

Hong let me know that she was experiencing pressure again around her third eye. She told me that they where back and wanted to come thru again. Hong relaxed and began to channel. This is what came thru.

Hong’s Channeling 3/25/20

*Note: ( Words in the transcription are capitalized to show emphasis. )

Collective – Greetings again Dear One

Stephanie – Greetings. Are you listening to her conversation?

Collective – We have – ABSOLUTELY! We are Always listening, And We Do Have a message for you.

One of the BEINGS that you’re closely Connected to – is a PRAYING MANTIS. Just give us a moment while we… ALLOW a CONSENSUS –in terms of what is APPROPRIATE to SHARE at this TIME….with in regards to this – as You are STILL – in the Process of ALLOWING this to UNFOLD YOURSELF.

We would Suggest- that You Remember in your Mind -the Whole series of events from the DREAM to the INTERACTIONS that you had.

We would SUGGEST you get into the STATE of Remembering That – the Curiosity – a Soft Curiosity around That- and even if you are Inspired to Draw more Images. Whatever COMES to YOU -it may be of the Beetle- it may be of the Mantis and maybe something else. Something will be Inspired Within You – so ALLOW IT to give you an INSPIRATION and we would Recommend- and HIGHLY SUGGEST that You act upon that INSPIRATION.

You will receive MORE on THIS -as you ALLOW your FREQUENCY ,your VIBRATION to MATCH…That of your FRIEND. You will get more Communication and that is all we can give you at this time- because it is important that you experience the Unfolding of THIS in bits- in the way that it will Unfold.
Do you have any questions? We may not be able to answer, But we would like to give you the opportunity to ask the question.

Stephanie – I also – there are two things – I also have drawn a Mantis Being- I believe with the plaid coat- quilted jacket or something… I always felt the connection as if he is one of my Main Teachers or interacting people.

Collective – We want to say- it is the same Being and yet – it is not. And we want to leave you with that criptic Message and we want to encourage you – even if you had Already drawn this Being -to allow the inspiration- if is there – to guide you, to keep drawn- because in your Drawing more information will come through- it is not just for you. That this information is delivered this way.

And so – even if you have Already Drawn Him – there is no limit – to how many iterations that you can have. And EACH will offer you something DIFFERENT.

It is very EXCITING. We are very EXCITED. And MORE so your FRIEND is very EXCITED.

Stephanie – I FEEL GRAND and GREAT LOVE – for Him. but…

I also want to say – I know you’ve always been so positive about the Changes. I wonder where my vibration truly is .I’m sure there always is more I can do – but I’ve been feeling- variance ….with what’s going on in the Earth – trying to pull myself back to center. But is there anything about my vibration the feel is appropriate for me to know?

Collective – Mostly we want you to know that there’s nothing INAPPROPRIATE about how you where Feeling. Remember THIS – while it is a collective experience -on the individual level – it is a opportunity to work through – your own beliefs and your own set of FEARS. So whatever shows up is all Perfect we would not judge it at all. In fact we would absolutely ALLOW it to COME through. BECAUSE THIS IS your ONE MAGNIFYING OPPORTUNITY to Process and put to rest this – in a way that is ACCELERATED.

Let’s put it this way. You have CREATED such a DYSFUNCTIONAL personal DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY on your PLANET that you do not ALLOW YOURSELF to TRULY feel what you TRULY feel, without being JUDGED.

In this TIME it is OKAY. Because everyone else’s DOING it. So YOU can use this COLLECTIVE OPPORTUNITY to give yourself PERMISSION – to have those doubts to have those FEARS to have those ANXIETIES. And once in FOR all put it to REST. That way moving forward ,you do not need to deal with it.

AGAIN or in little Bursts. BECAUSE if they are there they will show up. So we ENCOURAGE YOU- not to feel in any way INAPPROPRIATE for anything that you are at this time. Acknowledge it. And REALLY ALLOW it to play itself out. CLEANSE YOURSELF of it all. And we trust that you know how to come back to CENTER. So… Dear One – All is WELL. Give yourself PERMISSION. That’s all you need to DO.

Stephanie –THANK you. I just so want to send Great Love to that Being and THANKS. And I’ll let the JOURNEY UNFOLD.

Collective – He sends his LOVE to YOU – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE -As DO WE. And once more – We are COMPLETE.

Channeling Ends.

Two weeks after this I did a QHHT session with Hong and was able to connect with this Being directly and recieve an important massages!

I have posted drawings of the Beings that are coming thru to me on my Instagram account. ( I just purchased a graphic digital pad to draw the Being in more accurate color. I am very excited.


Next blog will be my QHHT Session with Hong that includes message for both Hong and I. During the sessions when my Higherself came thru ,I was feeling an electric impulse that ran around my jaw bone. This was very gentle. The words came thru on my exhilation, often starting with a “s” sound to get the words started. There was a stuttering pattern to my voice, as my jaw jumped with the electricity I was feeling. It was a Vantastic session.

I will include actual audio of the session so you too can feel the Powerful Vibration running thru me.

Until next time. In service to the Expansion of Human Consciousness for the Highest Good

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