Well please enjoy this channeling from January 2020. It is time to catch up.

The channeling discusses telepathy and how a more heart focus will be the basis of humanity’s pattern of communication. With each month Hong’s channelings have become deeper and richer in material.

This is for who ever finds this. May you enjoy and recieve what is most needed.

January 15, 2020

Collective – Greetings Dear One – Our Deepest Love to your Both.

Stephanie –Thank you very much.

Collective – We are Always excited when you begin to feel – more – then you try to explain things. You will find – and come to understand – the Depth and the Richness – of the Communication that is Available to You. Not only between yourselves Human to Human – but between you and Everything Around You., – Animate or Inanimate. There is a Level of Connection – there is a Level of Communication available to you. – Quite Un – tapped. But the more you Choose – to Tune In – without Speaking you will become more SENSITIZED – and the RICHNESS – The RICHNESS of what is Available – INITIALLY… Can be a little OVERWHELMING BUT YOU WILL A TUNE TO IT. This is the true nature of communication you see. This is the LEVEL of Communication that is REQUIRED – For You – to Communicate –, not only with the REST of your Planet – the Lifeforms on your Planet – the Lifeforms on your Planet –. There is a tremendous amount of MESSAGE – communication is coming from that… Level – but also your friends in the Stars.

Understand the CHALLENGES that you are FACING – are also part of this Process. It is a CLEANSING you see. – For you to go deep you need to CLEANSE. – That which no longer serves you. And we must REMIND you that there is NO NEED – necessarily to go into the Details of all that. As you try to figure out what it is – you will get a SENSING of the BELIEF – the THOUGHTS the BELIEFS that you HOLD that you that are not quite in ALIGNMENT, and when you do – that is part of your Process. And when you DON’T… Just continue to FEEL INTO it. Just continue to to BE WITH IT.

Trust yourself. FLOW WITH IT. Don’t make it Complicated. Very good. You may ask Or offer anything you wish to say.

Stephanie – Thank you. I appreciate this time. I would inquire – if there’s any way to Identify who we are speaking with tonight?

Collective – H MMM – No need.

Stephanie – (Stephanie laughs loudly)

Collective – We are doing our BEST – as you can see. To keep you within your HEART – rather than Satisfy the Ticking of your Head. (This phrase was said with lightness-and as if a giggle would come next, there was a sense of enjoyment as the words were given)

Stephanie – HMMM – good – thank you. For that was my Question… Why it was… Not that I really Need in some ways but… Playfully I would… Ask and kind of want to know… The reasoning behind it… And you kind of just answered that. So that is intriguing. And I understand.

Collective – and it will SERVE YOU to take this Lesson beyond, Because – while we Understand – the Excitement that you Once received out of Curiosity – out of wanting to Learn and KNow –, it is now become a HINDRANCE. So we just want to and that A little bit. – As you begin to Allow some of your other SENSES to DEVELOP – you will find – there are Certain DETAILS that have become HABITUAL for You- to Know – and even for some and OBSESSION. This simply is not required. So it is just – helping you to Tune In – to other aspects of your BEING. That is all. – And when you need to KNOW we will let you KNOW.

Stephanie – Thank you very much. (Slightly laughing and giggling with understanding) I know there’s so many things of playfulness that we can discuss –. I am kind of drawn back to the discussion of – how Energy runs in our Body – and how perhaps the MIRKABA above – which is and Energy Pattern –… Is there any conversation that you like to have? – About that subject – that would be helpful in the Now for us?

Collective – (slight quiet long pause) This information is not quite translating at this time …

Stephanie – Understood.

Collective – The Channel can Sense – the presence Of energy with in her Third eye area- –she’s not quite able to translate it at this time.

Stephanie – That’s perfect.That’s fine . We discuss the Narrow and Energetic Pathways of the body and the Kundalini also. How important – is it for us to be familiar with the – Acupuncture and the – lay line so to speak – The Energy pathways – that that she will flow through. Is that something that we should be more familiar with? In her body?

Collective – Once upon a time – you are so in tune with your own body that you could FEEL – you could Access this Information on your own – so this will SERVE YOU to get Re-Acquainted with the SUBTLE ENERGY BODIES of your SYSTEM. The thing we Caution you against though… Is it can get – a little bit too… Caught up in the Specifics.

Stephanie – HMMM

Collective- And that is not your Area – that is not your Department. You do not really need to know how everything works. – For it to WORK. Do you follow? And so… As we want you to Begin – to be AWARE of the SUBTLE SENSATIONS – WITHIN your BODY – and how it RELATES… – This… Two parts of the ENERGY grid of the PLANET – DO not fall in the trap of Having to Understand the Details SO MUCH… That it takes you away – from the TRUE purpose of what you SEEK. TO Be Aware and ALLOW ALL the PARTS of your Body System to Work TOGETHER – as a WHOLE . YOU- DEAR ONE … Must REMEMBER that there are Different Aspects of you . And YOU, You could say that You HOLD SPACE for the Different parts of YOU to work in UNISON.

And in that sense- You do not need to UNDERSTAND the SPECIFICS of anyone system or any part . You simply need to understand -that they are meant to work together as a WHOLE and you are like – some would say the captain of the ship some would say the CLUE that holds them together. –So BE the ONES that HOLDS the SPACE that creates the ENVIRONMENT – for there’s different aspects of YOU – to work together.

Stephanie – Thank you. For the simple analogy I was given was not – really worry about the Cities in the Streets – it is just no kind of the country in the state – the General overall – – like you said.getting lost in the super details. – Which will activate the Logical Mind some ways.

Collective – When you do need to know the Details – you will be guided there. There is no Question about That. So TRUST. TRUST in WHO YOU ARE. Trust that YOU .– Trust that the SYNCHRONICITY will Provide for You – what you need – at any given time.

Stephanie – Thank you. I would just like to say… (Stephanie starts to talk but is interrupted)

Collective – We would just like to Say – There will beTimes – that the Information – not that it is not given, but it simply will not be Translatable through to the Channel – and therefore Not Available to be Delivered. THIS a Way it is Deliberate – because We’re wanting to Train her to Go DEEPER- to be more OUT OF the WAY – and there is this sense.… She has a STRONG NEED to KNOW EVERYTHING and to be in CONTROL – to have it all PERFECT & and Sorted..So in a sense it is OUR WAY – of showing her that it is okay to NOT KNOW – to have the information sitting RIGHT There – Because she can Feel It – but not have access – access to it… Do you follow?

Stephanie – Yes.

Collective – This will relieve her ANXIETY – This will help her- through experience in repetition to Relieve Anxiety around this idea- but it will also help her to understand that – There will be Times – when someone does Ask her a Question and the answer will Simply NOT be Available for HER to Say – because it is not Relevant for Them Not that there is anything Wrong – with this Channel. Do you follow?

Stephanie – Yes.

Collective – And that is Completely O K. We must Emphasize This. THIS IS COMPLETELY OKAY. – Because of the Habit of Believing that it is it is NOT. We all Must ALLOW the BODY SYSTEM – to do what it needs to do – to LET go – of that BELIEF BECAUSE THAT still STAYS in the WAY. – Of her fully TRUSTING herself. Do you follow?

Stephanie – Yes

Collective – Thank you.

Stephanie – Thank you. Thank you for that explanation because that is a very IMPORTANT POINT. I had kind of been nudged to wonder about how –, and again this is up to Hong but I wondered about how I could assist in getting, or gathering – inquiring about information that to help HONG – allow for more Separation. I know it comes in different Timing.

Collective – She is at a Point – she’s been working VERY DILIGENTLY – and consistently on this point. And we are Most Pleased – that she is FINALLY ACCEPTING that THIS is WHO she IS. She is finally ACCEPTING WITH ALL LEVELS of her BEING. Previously it was just the Words. But now – She is finally ACCEPTING that This is Who she Is and she has ACTUALLY given Permission. –, And we can DO this at this TIME – in a STRONGER WAY. Because without that all Permission we cannot do – we cannot ASSIST –. Do you follow?

Stephanie –. Yes.

Collective – It is very SUBTLE but until you can your MIND – Enough – and be HONEST enough to LOOK AT –… You often MISS this within Yourself –. And this is why WE encourage YOU – whenever you can to TALK LESS – and FEEL MORE – because you will be more Honest if you do that. When you TALK – you have Developed VERY – Creative WAY of Taking your Self – on different PATHS – and it does not Serve you at this Time. And what is Required of You – is to really be honest – and to FULLY ACCEPT – ALL ASPECTS of YOU. Because you are our WHOLE. You are COMPLETE. AND YOU ARE all Perfect the Way that you ARE. We are complete.

Stephanie –. Thank you. I was just Feeling with my Heart – and I Understand about the the Words. I had a question and it completely went away – ( Stephanie laughing). Is there any subject matter that you think is most important for us to look at – in the sum of now?

Collective – We feel that what is APPROPRIATE for the Both of you – at this time – (slight pause) – is to Speak About the Idea of Being – Vulnerable – as you are Doing what you are Doing. Dear One- and As the Channel is – continuing to move herself into areas that are more Uncomfortable – based on her Belief Systems. We want to speak a little bit about being Vulnerable. (Slight pause)

When you begin to Allow More ACCESS – to the Guides and the Non-Physical Support that you Have – this PROCESS – Becomes LESS – (slight pause – there seems to be adjustment energies going on for Hong) – Less Fearful – because the focus of Attention will be on YOU – and your own Connections. Between YOU and your – OWN – HIGHER SELF or your own INNER BEING – or whatever you wish to call it. WE will never JUDGE YOU. – And when you KNOW THAT and when you FEEL THAT – with EVERY fiber of your BEING – it will not MATTER what ANYONE ELSE THINKS about what you DO – what you SAY – or anything ELSE.


We WOULD ALSO LIKE TO Remind YOU- It really not Hard to do Dear One. It simply wires CONSISTENCY and FOCUS. You can BOTH DO THIS – Very Quickly and Very Easily. Do you have any questions?

Stephanie – Thank you. Your words RESONATE with me. I think – from my Heart I can feel when I’m Resisting – when I – have resistance, for instance – when I Meditate or go within or Stretch in a Process – and I Choose to Distract myself in 3D. And I’ve been Looking at Why I Do that. So your Words are very Meaningful I understand them. I understand the nonjudgment. And I can TRULY FEEL THAT. For me. One of the GREATEST GIFTS I Received was a Visitation in my truck from a BEING – and the STATE that I was IN was so YOUR and INNOCENT and of WONDER. I think that is the CORE aspect of all Myself. That is the TOUCHSTONE that I USE for where I would LIKE to be. REMOVING the LAYERS. – And I just want to THANK – those that PROVIDED THAT EXPERIENCE. So for myself – I have been Feeling the Walls and and Structures and Thought Processes that take me away from – what I know as my INNER TRUTH. – And that’s a process in itself.

I don’t know if those Words came out – (Stephanie laughing) , in the Best way – but I’m sure you can feel it from my Heart.

Collective – What we FEEL – is STILL a little bit of TRYING TOO – HARD. And what we want to let you know is that in those MOMENTS that there really is nothing WRONG. And if you can JUST LET GO- And choose the all BEST – ACTION, if you will, – to TAKE it from THERE. It will serve you. TREMENDOUSLY. You are doing BETTER than YOU THINK YOU ARE. – And we want to REMIND YOU MAKE EVERYTHING that YOU DO for the sake of ENJOYMENT OF IT. Not for what it will DO – for the WORLD. NOT for what it can BRING YOU. But if you can all Master those TWO ASPECTS. – WE are THERE to ASSIST YOU – and in that STATE where ABLE to ASSIST YOU – in MORE WAYS than you can EVER IMAGINED.

Even as we’re SAYING these WORDS – in giving off this ENERGY – The Channel is Judging – the Material that is being GIVEN. But we are UNAFFECTED. This is what you NEED. What you NEED is VERY SIMPLE – and UNTIL you have ACCOMPLISHED the BASICS – there is No Need to give you Complicated Information. LIFE is VERY SIMPLY You KNOW. We want you to GO BACK – to the TRUE UNDERSTANDING – of WHO YOU ARE- and the TREMENDOUS INFLUENCE you have over YOUR REALITY. THERE IS NO POINT to ANYTHING, OTHER THAN THAT. – And so while – we UNDERSTAND – this Information may seem – VERY SIMPLISTIC – it is very IMPORTANT. – And it is the BASIS of EVERYTHING. It is the BASIS of all You KNOWING that YOU ARE WORTHY.


Stephanie – THANK YOU. (Energy seems to be running through Hong – slight pause) May I ask a question? Let me know when you’re ready.

Collective – (Hong is heard breathing). You may ask.

Stephanie – I was wondering about – when instructing – for myself – or when I talked to Others – one is the best Way to know when we have the strongest connection to our Higher Self – and Allowing that. Whether through Meditation or such. And I don’t know if this is – if I’ve been told at one point that – let’s say – that there was a kind of Light Energy above my Head – which is Connected. So… I guess part of me wanted Validation but… I guess another part was just in general looking for – REALLY be a store in that ENERGY that I sometimes ALLOW IN. What your thoughts on this please?

Collective – YOU are ALWAYS CONNECTED. FIRST and FOREMOST. YOU ARE all Always CONNECTED – never time that you ARE. NOT. What IS DIFFERENT IS You BEING ABLE TO PERCEIVE THAT CONNECTION OR NOT – So the way to KNOW that – is in your STATE of BEING. If you have INNER PEACE WITHIN YOU – you will receive the COMMUNICATION in a very PURE LIGHT. If you have OTHER Emotions going on – YOU are still RECEIVING – YOU are CONNECTED – YOU are JUST TRANSLATED DIFFERENTLY. Do you follow?

Stephanie – Yes.

Collective – and so… When you KNOW THAT – NOT only for YOUR SELF but OTHERS – it CHANGES EVERYTHING. On a PERSONAL LEVEL YOU Dear One – YOU have STRONG INTENTIONS – to BE OF SERVICE in this time of TRANSFORMATION and therefore YOU have brought MORE GUIDANCE if you WILL. You have CALLED FORTH MORE than say the AVERAGE PERSON. It is no DIFFERENT – then on your Planet when you go – when you SET out to ACCOMPLISH a PROJECT – you bring along the Tools and Resources that are NECESSARY to COMPLETE that Task. So YOU have CALLED FORTH TO YOU – WITH YOU – a WHOLE ENTOURAGE of Support. And THEY are THERE for you at ALL TIMES. You are SIMPLY are in and out of the degree of RECEPTION – RECEPTIVENESS – and YET You still receive – in TIMES that YOU – believe yourself to be Blocked – you are STILL RECEIVING- From Them. It is just Translated Differently. Does that answer your question?

Stephanie – Yes it does, I appreciate that. And I feel at Great Sense of Relaxation with this Process. It’s the Peacefulness that is come over me in the past couple weeks in particular. So… So I am appreciating that. H MMM – I was wondering if there’s a Heart to Heart Process that Hong and I could do while was she is Channeling without Words that would be Productive. I don’t know why that Came to me but…

Collective – You could simply Visualize – a Beam of Light coming out of your Heart to Hers and another on the Third Eye– of Hers to Yours – Creating a Circuit This will also Strengthen your TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION – in a way that -YOU – will in time – be Consciously Aware. Of this CONNECTION and of the Thoughts that you send Back and Forth. When we SAY- Speak Less we don’t mean it simply as a PROCESS at this time . As a WHOLE – Your version of EARTH HUMANITY who WISHES to EVOLVE to INCLUDE THE PLANET and OTHERS out THERE in your LARGER REALITY , will not be NEEDING to SPEAK so much. You will BE – for the MOST part sending TELEPATHIC THOUGHTS to EACH OTHER. SO THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEGINNING of that REMEMBERING – or EVOLUTION, if you will – back to a TIME WHEN you SIMPLY do not HAVE the need to SAY so many words. REMEMBER this is a more EFFICIENT and FASTER way of COMMUNICATION – it is complete. And it leads to ZERO MISUNDERSTANDING. Do you Follow?

Stephanie – ZERO HIDING. (Stephanie laughs) also…

Collective – That is CORRECT – and so part of the PROBLEMS that YOU FACE on your PLANET Has come About – through your HEAVY RELIANCE on the WORDS – whether it be Verbal or WRITTEN . You MISUNDERSTAND ALL THE TIME – and then that leaves – to FAULTY-INTERPRETATIONS – which leads to HEIGHTENED EMOTION which leads to ACTIONS – AND ON – AND ON and ON
– and so LEARN to ENJOY the Communication that is UNSAID . YOU will still have a PURPOSE for Verbal Communication – but – your Relationship With It – will be DIFFERENT. Your WHOLE Experience will be DIFFERENT – when you LEARN – to really COMMUNICATE.

Do You Understand Dear Ones That as BEINGS you do NOT KNOW how to COMMUNICATE….PERIOD.You think you are very Sophisticated – You Think in many ways that you are very Clever because you have Developed many different ways of needing- The Language – but COMMUNICATION YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND – and do not do WELL. Do you follow?

Stephanie – Yes. I have some Sense of That – I Feel… THE HUMILITY of the… NON- UNDERSTANDING.NON Understanding

Collective – And even when you COME TOGETHER – as Humans – and sit in Silence you find yourself very UNCOMFORTABLE because you do not Speak – than something must be Wrong…. It is not the CASE at ALL. When you can COME TOGETHER and really APPRECIATE and ENJOY the RICHNESS of the COMMUNICATION that is HAPPENING between you. There is a WHOLE NEW WORLD of PERSPECTIVE that OPENS UP. This is our ENCOURAGEMENT to YOU. KNOW the RICHNESS that is in SILENCE. KNOW THE FULLNESS – that is AVAILABLE thru the EMPTINESS – know the POSSIBILITIES – that are AVAILABLE in the UNKNOWN – and you will not be AFRAID of ANYTHING. You will not be AFRAID of YOUR SELF – of the POWER you POSSESS in YOUR SELF – you will not be AFRAID. And this is what we want for you. To stop being Afraid of your OWN ABILITIES – or POWER. AND WHEN YOU CAN DO THAT – YOU ARE THEN EQUALS. YOU ARE THEN OUR EQUAL . And – that is all there is to it.. It is very SIMPLE Dear Ones. It is VERY SIMPLE. Believe that it is Hard and it will be Hard for you. KNOW that it is Simple KNOW that it is a GIVEN – and you will have ALL SUPPORT of US and YOUR GUIDANCE AND ANY of the BEINGS that are Non-Physical that CARE about YOU and LOVE YOU – you will always been THERE to SUPPORT YOU. It is as SIMPLE as THAT. You get to CHOOSE.

Stephanie – THANK YOU.

Collective – We thank you for this Interaction. We are Complete.

Stephanie – Thank you for your Knowledge and Assistance and Guidance. Thank you.

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