November 20th 2019. Part Two . A Message from the Hybrid Children

This is a channeling that came thru to Hong in a unique way after Hong had finished her initial channeling. Hong and I where discussing the information we had received, when she began to feel the energy building back up.

Here is some context to the conversation below. I had been getting images very vividly in meditations and in ” dreams”, and in the sleepy state right before I would awaken. I would see the flash of a full color image of a Being. The Beings would be lookig directly at me, seemingly aware of me. You know in the way someone turns to look at you and you can feel when they see you and take in your image . Over the past two years, I would have dreams of these Beings and we would interact. The images are of Star Beings that are adults and Hybrid Children. In early November, I became overwhelmed with the desire to draw what I have seen.

After seeing the drawings,Hong suggested I show them on an Instagram account . You can find these pictures on my Instagram account, (sstownsend65). This channeling came thru after sharing my picture with Hong.

One last note. Hong was surprised bythe manner in which this channeling occurred. It opened Hong to the awareness of a new path of communication. Hong still felt the Energy flowing thru her body …but, she was very present during this channeling . Hong usually, “steps aside”, during the channelings .Hong is conscious ,but distant, in her usual semi-trance state of channeling.

During the channeling below, Hong is 100% present. She is counscous channeling. Hong stated she felt the usual energy, but the message came thru her heart center. The message was accompanied by strong emotions! I wonder if the information was being given thru her emotional body.

It is how I suspect how some Beings will telepathically communicate in our future. Communication thru emotions,that hold broader groupings of information given in one moment.

It is different then what we experience by using language and words. The concepts do not build, they come in at one moment and are complete. As they have told us many times, our words are very limiting to relay the concepts they want to express.

Hong’s messge from the Hybrid Children

Hong – Anyway – I can feel the intensity of the Children – Oh My God – I just want to cry when I think of – about that. I felt the intensity of their EXCITEMENT. (Hong starts to get emotional ) Really Excited!

Stephanie – Really?

Hong – I thought they where going to say – but they didn’t ….it’s kind of like – there is something – something going to happen REALLY SOON. Really REALLY SOON. – I’m not sure what it was – but the intensity of the Children was Incredible. Yeah!

Stephanie – I had… I… Before you… Before you start anything I wasn’t sure what was going to be about – who was going to show up – and I just was thinking of the Hybrid Children and I was thinking about – I was just looking at the one picture I have of the little  girl ,(one of Stephanie’s drawings) – and my finger was just tracing around the picture circled around that – and I just sending her love – and so I was hoping something would come – about the Children. I also had wondered – I had – my brain trying to figure out – should I change what the formats are -what’s the next turning of the wheel ?– what’s going to be revealed either thru Hong or myself. I felt like they filled in some Spaces for us a little bit.

Hong – Hmmm

Stephanie – The sharing – the less they message about sharing is right on point for me too.

Hong – For us both because were just talking about – how do I share – how do I need to share. (Hong exhales loudly closes her eyes close(

Stephanie – What you feeling?

Hong – It’s just the intensity building again – continuing to see how far can continue the conversation (Hong statement is referring to sometimes the energy at the end of the session still can be intense and she may need to leave to meditate. Hong finds it hard to continue a conversation with the energy is the strong)

Stephanie – If you need to do more that’s fine.

Hong – No… It doesn’t feel like they want to come through and say anything – but the intensity is… (At this point energy Hong’s energy changes and she becomes quite emotional) It is intense right here…(pointing to her third eye area). It is almost like it’s almost like the children are listening in (Hong starts to become very emotional) they do not want to go! (Hong is crying and getting emotional) it is almost like… There showing how Excited they are. – They are Really Really Excited !! Some thing is about to happen. This is me- well this is me saying something is about to happen – they probably know – I sense that they know what’s about to happen – I don’t know – so that’s me saying…

Stephanie – (Stephanie starts to giggle she feels the joy and humility of how Hong is trying to filter through this conversation with the feelings and to clarify what Hong is saying versus what the children are expressing through their emotions)

Hong – Some things about to happen – and there just really – really excited. (Hong continues to cry) and so – I feel like they just again they just want to… Make themselves Known to us – and just encourages to follow our Excitement so it will unfold – that’s all – that’s ALL they WANT – is Our JOY and trust that it will unfold because – it IS Happening – and there Pretty Excited.

Stephanie – AAhhhh Thank you. We can honor them the most by following our Joy

Hong – Yeah.

Stephanie – I understand that.

Hong – It’s like… It’s like – nothing else that they say or anyone gives us will make any sense or make any difference other than – just really just – continuing to follow that Joy – because that’s how that’s how they can COMMUNICATE with US. (Hong continuing to cry as she speaks the words) THERE’S so MUCH LOVE HERE. There’s so MUCH LOVE.

Stephanie – They have so much to teach us. Just by their expression.

Hong – (Hong’s emotions become very still her eyes are still close during this entire process) They want you to continue – – when you get the inspiration – to draw more of or represent them in her artistic form – because for them… It is like… An ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

Stephanie – I want to honor them – but I want to do it justice. So… If they can help me with my skills – or help me visualize them more clearly.

Hong – They said your doing just fine and… As long as you continue to do so you will get – you will get better and you get more information.

Stephanie – Thank you. I trust in them.

Hong – They said it’s really nice – to see –(Hong bursts into joyful laughter), how do I put it – it’s really nice to see – when you draw them… It’s like they get to see another representation –… Of what you see. Because although they can communicate – and see through your eyes – it is something else when you put it on paper because they get to enjoy it another aspect – of how you see them. (Hong laughs) I’m hesitating to say that sometimes –… Not so much in in your case in general – it gives them a bit of a laugh (Hong starts to giggle) to see the representation

Stephanie – (Stephanie laughs)

Hong – (Hong continues to live) because if taken – what they look like –. Because they don’t really have that. Really from when they are. They said there’s no such thing as is a MISTAKE like – Humans call it!!… It’s just All Good to them.m(STEPHANIE AND HONG LAUGHING TOGETHER)

Stephanie – So they giggle? They giggle at the images.?

Hong – They giggle at – seeing their reflection through someone’s eyes.

Stephanie – That was something I remembered today – waking up – and hearing this – giggles… a little girl’s giggle – like a bell ringing as I woke up one morning.

Hong – Yeah.

Stephanie – I thank them for that.

Hong – Yeah. (Hong starts to get emotional again) They said just to be playful – because that’s what they always are – they play and they play – and they play – and they play – and they play. This idea of Mistakes is so foreign to them because they just Play. They just see it as a Reflection – to them it’s just – so much… SO THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS –

Stephanie – (Stephanie starts to giggle but Hong continues to cry) I pulled back to…

Hong – Yeah

Stephanie – I just pulled back to this understandings multiple lifetimes – multiple aspects of themselves – then everything is – everything really is meaningless in some ways, and meaningful at the same TIME. Where you can PLAY and you don’t take anything SERIOUS.

Hong – Ahhhh Huh. (Hong lets out a long sigh) They really sure know how to – well … To HIGHLIGHT areas where some of the things – that we’ve been taught. Some of the things that we been bought into- are just so – ILLOGICAL – things just don’t matter.

Stephanie – That’s beautiful .Thank you.

Hong – (Hong with her eyes closed to this process starts to shake her head slightly is if she’s coming out of the energy) Ahhhh I’m a mess – give me a moment while I…

Stephanie – yes!

Hong (Hong just cleans her face and she had a emotional episode in channeling the Hybrid Children’s energies) (Hong bursts out in giggles) That was up GREAT though!

Conversation continues between Hong and Stephanie but channeling is done.

This was a unique experience where Hong discovered a variation in the way she can channel. We know the Hybrid children are a large piece of the mystery of the journey that both Hong and I are on together. For the Hybrid children to interact so directly with Hong is a wonderful gift that I know will continue to emerge.

On a side note it was after tis channeling that a friend of Hong’s actually saw the little blond girl that I drew in her own house. Hong’s friend Lynne had three visitations from this young girl. If given permission I will share more of that story with you.

Thank you for honoring me with your interest as I share my journey with you. May this give you the strength to share yours. In Love Light and Great joy I look forward to our next sharing. Thank you.

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