November 20th 2019. Channeling by Hong Part One

Here is the November 20th Channeling from Hong. This particular channeling is significant to me because it describes the process, development and partial purpose of what Hong is experiencing. There have been two channeling where the Source of the information has not given a name. They have described themselves as our Friends and Family that are evolving with us . I know more information is coming about this group in the future, they have shared a great love for both Hong and I. Hong has channeled The Collective Elijah, the Palladian’s and the Council of 13. This mystery of this group will be revealed at the right time. Until then, I changed the designation to “UF” designation for ” Unknown Family”‘, until we are introduced. After reviewing this tape as this blog was being created I realized they did identify themselves as non-physical Beings.

This channeling is also very important because the Energy returned again after Hong’s initial channeling. Hong sensed the energy returning and gave a message from the Hybrid Children directly, I decided to break this channeling into two parts.

Part one is the initial channeling. It discusses Hong’s development and purpose, her being eager to travel, future visits to sacred sites, the importance of identifying what resonates with your energies, the hybrid children and some resent drawings I had done of them.

Part Two is a message from the Hybrid Children directly. Hong described this second channeling as, “channeling thru her Heart center”. Hong was feeling very intense emotions and crying with the Love that was coming thru with this message. The Hybrid Children discussed my drawing of them. They discussed the concepts of what we call “mistakes”, and that they do not hold that concept at all! All is perfect in it’s creation, as we are and everything is! This is a very powerful message for everyone to take into their hearts.

November 20, 2019 Channeling by Hong.

(The channeling started without a initial Hello.,this had not happened before. The greeting came after a specific message to Hong. I found out later, that Hong was as surprised as I was in the moment,)

UF –Timing. It is all about timing. There is a timing – that is critical here. The reason why – Dear One – it is not the timing for you to travel – and do the things that you would like to do. You are being Tuned – to a level of frequency that is that is Extremely Important , for when you do visit sacred places around the world. – Therefore the timing – is Important. We would not wish you – to go there in the current State. – For you would not be fully Ready. Timing! Trust in the Timing.

Greetings Dear One. ( addressing Stephanie )

Stephanie – Greetings. Thank you for being here and sharing in the highest good for all. May I ask and– inquired who Hong and I are speaking with?

UF – It is not important at this time to know who we are. We are here – and it is Nice – to share -with you – so that we all evolve together.

Stephanie – Thank you. Is there any other beginning statements. Anything that you think is most important for sharing at this time of now?

UF – For your apparent benefit Dear One- we would just like to say – the Channel is being tuned Higher and Higher and Higher– into very high frequencies. And so as you notice this time around it took her Longer – to get into the state. But she was able to get into the State. And she will continue – to Clear Herself even More – to make this process even More efficient.

We wish – to remind you – that this is not simply about- Tuning this instrument for the purpose – of Communication . This process – has many different intentions. One is – that the Channel is – (long pause) let us find the right words here…… (Another pause – Hong takes a few long breaths).

We will use the analogy – of the pyramid. Because when you understand the purpose of the pyramid in its entirety – you will also understand – the role in which this Channel plays. She brings Through – information – of very High Frequencies – and she steps it down – by storing it – by processing it – and providing an avenue – for it to go where it needs to go.

This may mean certain areas on your Earth – where Crystals and Vortices of information are stored – and needs now to be activated. This may mean – sacred sites – where you understand- hold and store – information about your history – and about the knowledge that the people of the time once had. That is now ready to come forward – that have been dormant – in the dormant state – for while. They have been slowly awakened through Many other Channels. As we bring through – this particular intention – and Frequency it will add – to the Idea of Awakening – that knowledge- for it to be Accessed by you Now.

It may be used by people – is this channel interacts and works with other people she will bring through for them – what it is that they need ,And hence – in your terms – This Is – and Extremely important Task. There is A lot of restructuring within the Channel’s physical body. In order to accommodate – the degree of Energy the degree of – information that will flow through. We do not go into detail for you – for you do not have the means to understand this – at this time. That is a very general explanation. We hope that you can visualize – The Significance of this Process – and the Intention coming through here.

Stephanie – Thank you. Yes, I have a small sense of this.… So you had talked about the Egyptian trip to Egypt, it is not the right time now?

UF – The Channel would like to go to Many Places – many of the Sacred Places that you know as – the Chakras and the Vortices of the World – Of your planet.. It is not the Timing for her to do so. It is something that she Will Do ; but this is not the timing. And we bring that up- simply to let her know that she really is On Track and that nothing has gone wrong here. It is simply that there is a greater intention. And a Greater Plan in place – for it to unfold.-And All that she Needs to Do – Right Now Is what she is Doing. Live her Life. Live Now. Do the things – that Excite her Now. Everything else will follow.

And we know that You… Dear One… Can relate to this Too. The most important thing is that you Remain in the State of Flow – and of knowing that – EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR YOU – EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING AS IT SHOULD . We need You to KNOW yourself to TRUST yourself. There is Much communication coming through to Both of You. We APPLAUD you DEAR ONE. – For allowing yourself to Document and to draw what it is that you have experienced. We encourage you to to do so for – more will be coming.

These are important TIMES. We are EXTREMELY EXCITED. – As ARE the Hybrid Children that – they are EXTREMELY EXCITED. And the more that you trust the process – and the more that you follow the inspiration that is – Within You – the more you allow the Communication to come through from Both Them and Those that come through supporting them . YOUR PLANET – Your Gaia is becoming Ready for them to make themselves Known to the People. They are EAGER to see this process unfold. And you are part of that – you KNOW THAT.

Do not become fixated on the How and the Where – follow your inspiration – for CREATIVITY and JOY and you will BE THERE! – You will KNOW – .And that is a Message – from the Hybrid Children is much as it is from Us.!

We’re doing ALL that WE CAN to inspire you. TRUST in YOURSELF Dear One. Have FUN with THIS!. You are doing SO WELL! We are most PROUD of YOU. They are very PROUD of You!

Stephanie – Thank you. I feel that connection and – and it brings me Happyness. I feel the chills and the messages ,and the pictures so that the. I thank you for the Growth

 UF – We thank you for ALLOWING yourself to Grow. We are not – doing anything other than sending you are Unconditional Love – in the KNOWING of who you ARE.. We are JOYFUL – which ever way you Choose. But it Is more exciting for you – it is more for your Advantage – if you Choose – what gives you JOY what EXCITES YOU.! – And then you get to be TOGETHER.

Stephanie – Thank you. Is there any particular Message for Hong – with the energy changes that are going on. That would assist Hong in knowing what’s coming up?

UF – Do more of THIS. Do more of THIS. Allow Yourself to Attract those that will BENEFIT from THIS. Do not BE AFRAID.. Do more of THIS!

Stephanie – For clarification – with Hong channeling with people – with different energies – is that what you’re saying?

UF – We would like her – to BUILD on the Energy. It is not necessary to do this with Individual People-Individual different people. We Would like for her to build by adding more energy to the mix. By this we mean – she has a sensing – that there is a resonance between – her and her friend – you call Vicki . Establish a basis. Establish What you Feel to be comfortable between the two of you – and add to that Energy – in whatever way is comfortable. You now have the ABILITY to add Energies to both Locally and by Distance. You can do that too. Allow yourself to explore what feels good. Do not mistake the Fear, for not Wanting and not Desiring – this aspect of it.

The Combination of Energies – WILL do Wonders for the speed of which you utilize the Energies that are coming through. UNDERSTAND, that YOU all calling Forth this Energy on behalf of MANY. You must give it back to THEM – otherwise it will be detrimental to your own Vehicle.

This is not just – as a result of YOUR desire – This is a result of MANY. You have ALLOWED yourself – to be the Channel for this ENERGY. You have chosen it Dear One.  And you can DO THIS – but you must give it BACK. You must send it to where it all Belongs. – And you are not without ASSISTANCE. YOU are not without ASSIST.

Stephanie – May I ask question when you’re ready?

UF – (Conversation continues without pause) Allow yourself to BE ASSISTED. And this assistance may come from People around you, not just from the Non-Physical. There is only so much we can do from where We Are. Let yourself – connect with Others. TRUST in the way that this is unfolding for YOU. (Hong is breathing hard for a moment) You may ask your question.

Stephanie – Thank you. The energy with multiple people – either local or non-local , does the energy? It is just about the energy exchange for these people?… Or do they – then carry it out into the world ? Can you explain how the energy disbursement will be assisted by… A larger group of individuals?

UF – They are calling for Information – whether it be an answer – a feeling – and emotion – whatever it may be. This energy is being called Forth by Many People it has to be given back to them. It has to have a way to get back to them and what they do with it – is not Relevant to the Channel. She has done her part.  And so there is no need – to know with what they will do with that. It will unfold how it needs to unfold.

Sometimes it may be – a process like this. A  question-and-answer. Sometimes it may be, a Group Healing. How ever you do It will be guided in the moment. For each circumstance …… We  Encourage – to start off with- is to be Familiar – with Your Basic Energy First . Create the Resonance of what you want. And as you send out – that intention those that resonate with that Intention will be the ones attracted to this Gathering, that you will Facilitate.

Let RESONANCE be your GUIDE. Always let the RESONANCE be your GUIDE. (Slight pause)

Stephanie – Will there be more information coming directly to Hong about this than?

UF – She does not need any more information. All there is to DO –  is to-find Resonance with Something – move Towards it . Act on the IMPULSES that she RECEIVES. Do not make it complicated Dear One. You do not need to Understand This. In fact the less you understand – the MORE you can hold your Stability. We really mean it when we say let your RESONANCE be your GUIDE.

Stephanie – I’m not sure I understand that phrase… Resonance? You mean our vibration? Our vibrational state?

UF – Your Vibrational state must be – one of Certainty and KNOWING of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WANT. You understand what we mean? Follow your IMPULSE for JOY.  And you will begin to feel when you are OUT of RESONANCE and that will teach you so much more than these words will ever teach you.

We want to bring you BACK – to the Best TEACHER that you’ve ever had – and that is your EXPERIENCE.  You Rely FAR too much on these Words. And while – We – have attempted to use many words; through many different AVENUES – to explain them – we feel they seem to confuse you even more. – Because you are making it – an INTELLECTUAL pursuit rather than a EXPERIENTIAL ONE.


UF – You do not need to BE Afraid. You HAVE what you NEED. Just follow – the IMPULSES and spend NO Time at all Explaining or Justifying – to Anyone what you DO. You will LEARN from taking these  STEPS – when you are out of wack you know what that means. When you are on TRACK you know what it means. You will move faster along her Path if you allow your EXPERIENCE to be your GUIDE – and spend less time – rationalizing it JUSTIFYING it – EXPLAINING it. This is why you are BOTH FEELING – the need to step back – from some of your some of your relationships – and some of the Unnecessary Conversations that go on around you. There Will Be Time for that. There will be plenty of Time.

Stephanie – Thank you. Is there anything – is there any way that I can be of greater service? To this process?

UF – To YOUR process?

Stephanie. – For Hong’s-For Hong’s process.

UF – That is not your job.

Stephanie –. (Stephanie laughing) well… Let’s go back to my process.

UF – You are… YOU  ARE of service to the Channel – when you are all Fully CONNECTED – and you are IN INTEGRITY WITH Yourself.  Do not know that?

 She is not in need of Support as understood by Human Beings. THAT IS NOT TRUE SUPPORT at ALL.. What She needs – are THOSE – who are FULLY CONNECTED – and are WILLING to HONOR who they ARE because that SETS UP RESONANCE – that draws others – into the SAME ENERGY VORTEX. Do you follow what were saying?

Stephanie –Yes! YES I feel that.

UF – Your being FAR FAR too “HELPFUL” to each other  – and we say that because it is not HELPFUL at All. Put your ATTENTION on your OWN PROCESS. Trust that you ARE – in doing so – being of Service to whoever it is who is part of that PROCESS. Do you understand?

Stephanie – Yes that make sense. I guess my Heart was driven to –  and this kind of helps – because I was wondering what Hong’s next step and how this would of all – I was just interested that she get the information that she needs.

UF – We Repeat ….she does not need ANYTHING ELSE. She has what she Needs. SHE HAS what she NEEDS.! (This statement is followed by Hong is breathing heavily and a lot A lot of energy is flowing through Hong’s body, as Hong described later.)

We have one FINAL message for YOU.

Stephanie – Thank you.

UF – We Have One Final Message For You. As you Continue to Follow your Joy WE want you to SHARE with ANYONE and EVERYONE, Soley for the PURPOSE of the JOY of SHARING. Do not look to be UNDERSTOOD. Do not look to be VALIDATED. SHARE because it THRILLS you to SHARE. And when you do so. You will have no EXPECTATIONS of how they will react to YOU. MAKE that BE – something that you STRIVE to DO from this MOMENT FORWARD. It will serve you VERY WELL.

Stephanie – Thank you.

UF – With our UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – We bid You farewell for Now.

Stephanie – Thank you. Thank you for your Assistance and Love and message.

End of Part One .

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