You Are Worthy….

The Council of 13- Channeled by Hong. November 4th 2019.

I stated at the end of my last blog that I would be discussing the channeling from November 20th. There is a small change up in tonight’s programing. I wanted to start off with November 4th Channeling, than discuss the later Channeling of November, 20th.

This will give you an idea of how Hong Channels and hear how she sounds, so in the future if I am reading sections you will be familiar with her cadence and voice. This 15 min Audio of Hong Chaneling of the Council of 13. Hong had been her introduction during her meditations, but this was the first time they came through in the session with Hong and I . It was unexpected to both of us until a moment prior. What I heard in my head was” The Council of 13 are here.”, accompanied with a head shake as the energy ran down thru the top of my head.

They reminded both Hong and I that we are worthy. Starseeds can get caught up in value self- judgment,” Am I good enough to honor my journey?”This confusion can muddle the path and cause delays. This is a strong message for everyone, but especially the starseeds now. It is now the time for starseeds to express their joy and follow their inner knowing. To remind yourself that ,We are all Source. Release the human constraints of duality and our personal stories. We are so much more than we can hold in our hearts,or understand with our minds.

There is a current of wonder that has enveloped my life these past years. I am releasing my grip on trying to understand the placement of myself in this multiverse. I now have more room to move and play. So let’s play!

Notes on the You Tube below.Hong is using an ear bud set with the microphone set below her chin. At the end you will hear the microphone rubbing against Hong’s shirt. As Hong comes out of the her channeling, she moves her head with the energy that she is experiencing.

Thank you. Please comment after listening. Enjoy! The message pertains to everyone.

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