Stephanie’s Journey

I want to use this page to share some of the unusual experiences from my journey. I will break the story into a few parts and add in web links to keep it informative and so you can explore more if you choose.


The past 10 years I have worked as a truck driver for a large trucking companys. As usual, the Universe had different plans and looking back, it all fit perfectly.

I refer to my truck as my cave on wheels.I could meditate anytime during the work day and open my eyes again to see the beautiful mountain vistas outside my windows. In 2005 I spent a month at Shivananda Ashram and Yoga Retreat. In the Bahamas, and became a Certified Yoga Instructor. ( is where I start my serious interest in meditation began.

I have met so many people from all backgrounds that have come into the transportation industry. After the 2008 economic downturn, I met whole young families traveling together because they lost their homes .


I traveled thru the continental US and Canada. Sunrise to sunset the visual bookends to many long days.

Chesaepeake Bay Bridge

It was during my first six years of driving, that my spiritual awakening took off. I discovered Dolores Cannon’s books and the her, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, (QHHT). I took the QHHT training in October 2017.

Growing up

Looking back I can remember my father returning from a business trip when I was in junior high.With great interest he told me how he sat next to a nice “Indian Gentleman”, who chatted with him during the flight.They discussed meditation . This gentleman described how during his meditation, he could see a white light.He told my father that this light would expand and get larger and brighter as his practice of meditation developed. I remember just knowing that was truth instantly.

In 7th grade I can remember over the class room intercom the principle announced UFO’s where spotted and had landed.I guess it was similar to the radio play War of the Worlds. It seems quite bazzar now that I look back at it. I do remember the class was studying radio plays. In fact my friend Laurie and I wrote our own radio play , recorded it and read it to the class.

The UFO announcement lasted three minutes. After it was explained that it was not true,the teacher asked how many of us thought it was true and believed in UFO’s. I raised my hand. I remember feeling actually disappointed.

I grew up in the Episcople Church. During my confirmation class,we were asked to write up why we where getting confirmed. My four page letter jump track almost immediately, as I passionately protested that GOD was everywhere and you did not need to go to church to find “Him”. Later I realized my thoughts were in line with Native American traditions and many cultures.

Getting into the “Spirit” of Science with Physics

I have always been interested in physics at a very basic level. I was intrigued in high school learning about photons and how they behave. The current Wave-Particle Theory states that photons can act as wave or as a particle.Who knew, the Universe supports you in being more than one thing! There was also the introduction of the observer influencing the result of the experiment just by observing it. Could our consciousness influence reality?

I always enjoyed reading Brian Greens’ books as I attempted understand the basics of String Theory. String Theory states there must be at least 10 dimensions and one additional dimension of time. Some Physicists think there are 11 and some believe there are even more dimentions .

Then I found out about the Higgs Boson, or GOD Particle. I remember getting some one on one time with the Head Swami at the Shivananda Ashram and Yoga Retreat.

I approached the Swami with Brian Green’s book in hand, (every page of the book was overly underlined and assaulted with yellow marker).

I asked the Swami if the Higgs Boson particle could be “The Source” itself. He smiled and said that he met with Brian Green and had a long conversations on just that subject and more.

Then I discovered, what Albert Einstein first called “Spooky Action at a distance”, what is now known as Quantum Entanglement. Quantum Entanglement is where two particles no matter how far apart in distance or time, interact and are linked. Effect one particle and the other particle reacts instantaniously, mirroring the first particle’s changes.

The first photo in the world of Quantum Entanglement, was just released July 2019 from the University of Glasgow.

I was drawn to the concepts of the connectivity of all matter,the unified wholeness that is the Universe and beyond and the closing of scientific theory with spiritual thought.

Dolores Cannon
(Photo from one of her many conferences)

PART TWO- Here’s Dolores!

The only time during the year that Dolores was actually at her home was close to Thanksgiving thru to New Years. The majority of the rest of the time she was flying around the world teaching QHHT,(

I discovered Dolores Cannon from interviews on You Tube like so many people. I met her and had a QHHT session in her office in Arkansas in 2014. Dolores was very humble. The reason I got a session with her was due to sychronistic events. At that time there was a 3 year wait to see her. There was a change of staff with Dolores’ s schedule coordinator and my name got dropped. As things worked out, the staff offered me a slot when anyone canceled. I early said yes! It was a month later I got the call and I had an appointment at the end of the next month!

The office was in a very small town and I called the Wal-Mart to see if I could park my truck there. I remember in one of Dolores’s books a woman came from out of state to have a session with Dolores. She was pulling a horse trailer and had to park it at the Wal-Mart. Being able to park at the Wal-mart was another miracle that lined up. It was rare for Wal-Mart to allow large trucks to park in their lot, but they allowed it. The parking lot was so small there was only one side long enough to park the tractor trailer!

The year prior I called the QHHT office and Dolores herself picked up the phone! I recognized Dolores’s voice immediately and was speechless. It was Christmas Eve day and she stated she thought someone had accidently forwarded the office phone to her home.

I apologized for disturbing her and told her what a honor it was to speak with her.I remember getting very emotional and was surprised by that strong emotion. After that phone call I knew my session with Dolores would work out.

Reading Dolores’s work was life changing. The information given thru Dolores’s hypnosis clients gave me the greater understanding of the Universe that I had been seeking. Just like Dolores would say, ” think of it as mind candy….” and boy do thousands around the world have a sweet tooth!

Dolores was kind enough to sign some of the Convoluted Universe books after my hypnosis session. She stated that often when she was asked to sign books, they were so full of hand written notes, that it was hard to find a place to sign her name!

Out of all of Dolores’s books I enjoyed her Convoloted Universe series. the most.I studied them till they had to be literally taped together.

Julia Cannon and Steph

In 2017 I met Dolores’s daughter Julia Cannon during the QHHT Level One Adjunct Course. I flew to the other side of the world and took the four day course in Australia.

It was at that course where I met Hong and Dominique. There where Higher powers guiding me to go Australia which would become obvious to me eight months later!

Dolores’s books where not the only reason I became to understand that we are multidimensional Beings living on Earth or that we are often visited by our Star Families or given information.

My Next Blog……

Part Three -Pivotal Moments and Sycronicities

July 2018 ECETI Ranch
Camera zoomed all the way in.
Zoomed in further from previous picture.

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