Stephanie’s Awakening and the Reluctant Channel

If you had told me that I’d be starting a blog about a spiritual awakening I would say that you’re crazy. My friend Hong is the reluctant channel, and I guess that makes me the reluctant blogger.


Since April 2018 I’ve been assisting my friend Hong on her journey in becoming a channel. Hong ,who I affectionately call the ” reluctant channel”, would be the first to tell you that this was not preplanned or initially desired. It is something that I believe Hong has grown into as a greater understanding of her larger purpose has been revealed.

I will be sharing more of Hong’s journey in the future blogs. To give you a general summary, Hong had a kundalini awakening experience and energy began to flow through her entire body. Hong is currently channeling a collective called Elijah. We were told in recent channeling’s that Hong will have access to more information and contact with different collectives, and that this information should be shared. We were told that it would assist others in the times ahead.

Here is an excerpt from June 29, 2019 channeling.

From the collective known as Elijah.

“We would like you – Stephanie – to think about ways in which you can share the information that will come through this channel – On your own platform. It is not something that she will do , and therefore -left to another individual -and we would like to request – that you take up the role and share this information”

There’s been a progression to Hong’s channeling. In the beginning, back in April, it was all new. The energy influxes seem to have assisted Hong in expanding her capacity as a channel.Hong was looking for help and how to lessen these energies when I first met her.We met

during the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique course,(QHHT) . QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon, ( The energy running through Hong’s body has had an effect on her personal and social life. With many of the Star seeds now on earth, they are challenged to find a balance in straddling their two worlds. I believe more people will find that this will be part of their life in the future.

I will use this blog to slowly tell you the story of how Hong and I met, and why both Hong and I feel that it was meant to be, even though we live on the opposite sides of the world. Hong is a talented QHHT practitioner and also practices Beyond Quantum Healing and many other modalities. I find her to be a very humble individual, which will serve her well on her journey. I am glad to have the opportunity to tell you the wonders that I  have seen, feel, and know about Hong, as a practitioner and a person.

During this time, much of humanity has become aware of their direct connection to source. There’s no hierarchy, no duality, we all are fed by the same Source. I believe there will be a grand unification of spirit and consciousness in our future. We are awakening, to the knowing that we are all one. Our discoveries will be revealed in individual ways, as we are all on her own individual paths.

Hong has now turned a corner with regards to her channeling. There is a noticeable upgrading of her channeling abilities that I’ve seen over the past months. Apparently the process, up to this point, was to expand Hong’s capability to channel. The information that we discussed was informative ,but not the focus in the sessions. We were told that soon specific information would be given that would help others in their awakening. I am excited to share our story with you. If you found this blog it is not by coincidence.

Hong and I both have our personal lives, but it is the journey and the channeled material that will remain the focus.  I will use some audiotape and some transcriptions of the channeling, so the reader can get a better understanding of the material and the channeling process. As the channeling expands the blog will also I’m sure.

My next blog:

My next blog will be about how I met Hong, who I am and how this adventure came together. I will use other pages and share my personal awakening experiences and journey. My plan is to add links to websites and authors that have assisted in my journey. There’s been so many teachers who have influenced my growth, and I am eager to share my personal stories and photos.

Elijah has always told Hong and I that the,” life experience”, is about playing. I will be playful and creative as we explore new concepts together in this wonderful mystery we call life!

With Graditude and Thanks, Steph

3 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Awakening and the Reluctant Channel

  1. Congratulations on going public Stephanie. I consider myself so very fortunate to be able to call Hong a friend. She has been looking for a way to put forward her work so I’m ecstatic to see you both producing this so that others can move forward on their own journey. Enjoy the ride girls and I’m sure that like myself many more will jump onboard and travel with you. Yours in love and light.


    1. Lynne, Thank you for your comment.I am enjoying the creative aspects of doing this blog.Thank you for your encouragement. I look forward to meeting you someday,perhaps thru zoom.


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